Live on Southend Pier

by Recreations

  • LIVE ALBUM - Recorded, dubbed and delivered within 5 days!

    On Sunday 2nd of October, Sam Duckworth aka Recreations aka Get Cape, Wear Cape Fly, played a triumphant hometown gig at the end of Southend Pier. I would have been in attendance anyway as Sam was playing ‘Chronicles of a Bohemian Teenager’ – simply one of the greatest British albums of the 21st century – but I was there with an ulterior motive. This magical gig was being recorded for posterity and then released less than a week later for Cassette Store Day!

    “But Jed, how is it possible that you can record a gig on a Sunday night, mix it for tape, dub it, sort the artwork, have it delivered and be ready for Cassette Store Day which *checks watch* is only 5 days later?” I hear you ask. Well, that’s the beauty of the format and why so many labels and bands have turned to it in the last few years. The viability of the format is closely linked to its ability to capture a moment and then share that moment very quickly after. If we tried to do this on vinyl, we may, at a push, have something ready for XMAS. Cassettes bring us closer to the artist, not only by being able to experience their intention faster, but by giving you something tangible to hold and feel and keep. This was an experiment which proved in certain circumstances, tapes are the only way to go.

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NO DIGITAL AVAILABLE - Get the full LIVE Album from Recreations next year! Read description in the tape section on


released October 22, 2016




Started way back in 2014, POST/POP is a little label that is trying to do something a little different. Featuring brand new bands alongside massive million selling bands! Based in London, posts worldwide.

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